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Q: What is home health care? 
A: The rising cost of medical care can cause financial hardship to a patient and family. An alternative is "at home care". It's cost effective, convenient and we feel that patients recover fast in similar surroundings.

Q: When should we consider home health care?
A: The time to consider home health care for you a loved one is when help is needed with some or all of the normal activities of daily living, such as hygiene, housekeeping, cooking, shopping or even walking steadily without assistance. Other indications maybe that more help is needed than the family is able to offer or there is an increase in forgetfulness that may prove dangerous because of medications improperly taken or stove burners being left on.
Ideally, home health care is -like anything else- a step that is best planned for in advance as in the case of a home recovery from an elective surgery or when in the family plans vacation or simply needs relief. In reality, however, these instances are the exception rather then the rule. 

Q: Is home health care expensive? 
A: Home health care costs differ greatly depending on the individual case, but are usually much lower than the long-term facility alternative. Often the costs are buffered or completely covered by a third party such as insurance or special government programs designed to assist handicapped, disabled or injured people and their families. What's more is that home health care is billed based on usage. That is to say that if you only use one hour of service, you're only billed for one hour unlike a long term facility which bills around clock whether care is being given or not.

Q: Is there a charge for initial consulatation and assesment? 
A: Our initial consultation and assessment is offered free of charge. We schedule an appointment with an Ace company officer who meets with the patient and/or family to discuss their specific situation and how we can best meet each need.

Q: Can our loved one really receive the care they need at home?
A: The answer to this is emphatically yes. If you or your loved one are candidates for home health care, the level of care is usually higher than that of a long-term care solution. That is not to say that long-term care facilities are unable to give good care, but that the care given to an individual who is on a one -to-one basis can often times be more encompassing. 

Q: Is Ace Home Healthcare.Inc. licensed in New Jersey? 
A: Yes 

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