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 Meal Preparation and Feeding
Meal preparation includes regular meals as well as special diets. Our healthcare aides are trained in doing this so that our patients enjoy their meals and eat healthy.
Shop for food

Plan food shopping, select the right foods and the right quantities so that the patient can enjoy fresh food and different recipes at home. Our healthcare aides plan the food shopping carefully with the patient's input.
  Help patients move to and from to bed and around the facility
It is important for a patient to do as much exercise as possible. Helping a patient move around will motivate the patient to stay active. Our healthcare aides have been trained to handle many different situations of movement restrictions.
  Bathe, dress and groom patients
A patient must feel clean, neat and good about himself/herself. Therefore helping a patient to bathe, dress and groom him/herself will create that feeling. Professional and caring approach is what each one of our healthcare aides is proud of.
  Accompany patients outside of the home, serving as a guide or companion
Patients may have little courage to go out and walk. Accompanying a patient for a walk in a nice park or a pleasant environment will motivate the patient to get out of the house, and to walk. Exercise is so important for the health of a patient. It improves the blood circulation, the food digestion and the self confidence. Our healthcare aides explore the areas, and are creative in planning pleasant walks.

   Provide light housekeeping and routine personal care services
Dusting the cabinets, cleaning the floors and throwing out the garbage creates a clean atmosphere for the patients. Our healthcare aides take care of this with a smile because they want the patients to enjoy their home.
   Patients laundry
Fresh clothes and underwear make the patient feel good and comfortable in meeting with other people. Our healthcare aides follow the laundry instructions and know how to treat tough stains.

  Change bed linens
Fresh linens help the patient to sleep better. Changing the linens, and making the bed properly is not only done in five star hotels but also at our homecare patients.

  Provide instruction psychological support
Patients may get confused, may forget many things, may lose orientation. Our healthcare aides have the skills to help the patient overcome these mental hurdles.

Assist families and patients on nutrition, cleanliness and household tasks
Patients may need special diets. Our healthcare aides take care of the nutritional needs of each patient based on the patient's specific needs. Offering nutritional diets is a must in our training.

  Lend an ear and eye to patients' needs and problems
Our healthcare aides all graduated with high scores in their exams, yet they still go beyond the theory when faced with real needs and problems. They have learned to listen and observe the specific needs of each patient, and based on experience to take the right steps in helping out a patient.

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